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Built-in oven thermostat solution

  • Built-in oven thermostat solution
Built-in oven thermostat solution
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Built-in oven thermostat solution


Foshan Tongbao (FSTB) is the leading temperature control solutions and services provider. We have a wide range of temperature control and protection product line matching built-in oven products, no matter the high temperature protection or temperature control, easy installation and complete solutions. Our solutions has served many well-known brand customers of built-in oven globally.


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WYG series capillary thermostat can be applied for the built-in oven products, rated 10A to 25A, max temp. can reach to 320C, it can work with ground connection.


KSD309 series can be applied for built-in oven temperature control and protection, it can afford rating of 10A,16A, max 280C,  and the operating temperature of one-shot type version can be reach to 308C.