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Mini oven thermostat solution

  • Mini oven thermostat solution
Mini oven thermostat solution
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Mini oven water heater thermostat solution


Foshan Tongbao (FSTB) is the leading temperature control solutions and services provider. We have a wide range of temperature control and protection product line matching mini oven products, no matter the high temperature protection or temperature control, easy installation. Our solutions has served many well-known brand customers of mini oven globally.


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KST501 series adjustable thermostat can be applied for the mini oven, portable oven products, rated 10A and 16A, max temp. can reach to 320C, it's optional for common type and heat compensation type. It can be supplied together with fuse products.


KSD301-G and KSD307 series can be applied for mini oven temperature control and protection, it can afford rating of 10A,16A and 20A, max 250C, complete certification.