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Washing machine/Dryer thermostat solution

  • Washing machine/Dryer thermostat solution
Washing machine/Dryer thermostat solution
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Washing machine/Dryer thermostat solution


Foshan Tongbao (FSTB) is the leading temperature control solutions and services provider. We have a wide range of temperature control product line matching domestic and commercial dryer products, no matter the high temperature protection, easy installation. Our solutions has served many well-known brand customers of washing machine globally.


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KSD301-R-G series snap-action thermostat is a kind of miniature hermetically sealed bimetal thermal protector (1/2" disc). It is made of ceramic. manual-reset type, ceramic base; OT: 220°C max.


KSD309-U series designed for one-time overheating protection of electrical appliances, it can be customized according to customer needs. The max operating temp. is 318C