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How to usd Electric Sauna heaters
Author: TongBao

With the continuous improvement of people's economic and living standards, sauna at home is no longer a dream. Now many people have their own portable sauna heaters at home, and they can also enjoy the same treatment as a sauna at home. . The use of the sauna heater is very convenient, and the volume is relatively small. It is suitable for use in many occasions, even in a small bathroom.

The correct use of sauna heaters is as follows:

1. The equipped solid sauna stone( 4-8cm)should be used in the furnace body.  After washing, put the stone between the fence and the heating wire. The stone should completely cover the heating wire. It is strictly forbidden to use loose or Do not directly press the porous ceramic stones on the heating wire, and avoid placing the sauna stones too tightly

2. During use, some sauna stones will be broken and should be cleaned at least once a year.

3. The internal control sauna heater has two knobs, the left side knob("C" )is the temperature regulator,the right side is the time.

4. Water can be watered on the sauna stone after heating. It is forbidden to water on the sauna stove before reaching the temperature. You must use the matching spoon (the capacity is not more than 200 liters) for each watering. Never water when someone is nearby. , So as not to burn the skin with steam.

5. Sauna stove cover must be equipped when using.

6. It is strictly forbidden to use humus, such as sea water and chlorine-containing water, to pour on the sauna stone.

7. The warranty period of the sauna room is one year, the sauna stone need to replace every 500 hours, and the home house is calculated at one hour per day, and the replacement period is seven years.

FSTB WYC series capillary thermostat  can be used in Electric Sauna Heaters, it is a combination thermostat equipped with the double function of regulating temperature and limiting temperature. It has the advantages of accurate temperature controlling, wide control range, great contact capacity, longer life.


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