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2018 FSTB the Newest Bimetal Thermostats

Bimetal Thermostats

Bimetal disc will flip (snap) from concave to convex depending on the temperature.
Dryer thermostats can be tested by placing them in an oven or with a heat gun if you only interested in a go/no-go test.
You can hear the snap sound that occurs when the disc changes states (concave or convex), but to insure that the contacts open, an ohm meter should be used.

KSD301-V series snap-action temperature switch is a kind of miniature hermetically sealed bimetal heating temperature switch for home appliances (1/2" disc). It is of single-pole single-throw structure and works under resistive load.

KSD301-V series bimetal heating temperature switch is in wide use in a great variety of small home appliances, such as heater,heating, to provide temperature control or temperature protection.

Advantages of thermal switch:

  • Easy mounting.
  • High precision 
  • High durability.
  • Rapid heat transmission.
  • No breakdown, no flashover.
  • Every product will be tested, extremely high temperature pass rate.

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