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KST thermostat
1. The size specification of the thermostat axis and its angle of rotation can be set according to the demand of the customer.
The breaking temperature of the thermostat and its characteristic curve are determined by the match test of the customer's finished product and temperature control.
This product can be designed with induction current to achieve the purpose of temperature control, and can make the temperature amplitude greatly reduced, remote sensing temperature control, heat compensation and so on.
The specification and direction of the terminal inch are varied and can be selected with the customer.
In order to install the thermostat for the customers, the temperature control can also riveting a fixed mounting block (piece), and also has the function of heat conduction.

2. Installation attention:
In the process of installation, the porcelain parts and thermosensitive bimetallic pieces of the thermostat should not be affected by the external force.
Terminal wires to the thermostat are recommended for 0.5-1mm2 when 5A is recommended; 0.75-1.5mm2 is recommended for 10A.
If the customer needs to adjust the temperature controller to adjust the temperature of the thermostat, it can adjust the micro adjusting screw in the thermostat screw to reduce the temperature and vice versa in clockwise adjustment.

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