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KSD301 snap action thermostat advantage
Competitive advantage of KSD301 temperature control switch:
  • The performance is stable
  • The high precision
  • The small volume and light weight
  • The high reliability and long service life
  • The interference of the radio
  • It is not arc

Snap action thermostat Installation attention
1. Snap action temperature controller use environment should avoid wet stains, otherwise it will affect the electrical performance of the product, the thermostat in the relative humidity should be less than or equal to 90%, the use of non corrosive, flammable medium contact working environment. In case of use in wet or submerged liquid, special anti permeation seal should be done to the thermostat.
2. thermostat device installation, absolutely not allowed to surface temperature (CAP) deformation, not to cover the top collapse or deform, so as not to affect the temperature and electrical properties of the thermostat;
3. snap action thermostat installation, should make the thermostat cover uniform temperature sensor surface contact temperature control part; thermostat with contact temperature, the best temperature of surface coated with a layer of thermal grease in the cover, no gap between the surface temperature and surface temperature, in order to improve the effect of heat conduction.
4. when the sudden jump type thermostat is installed, it is not necessary to bend the connection terminals of the thermostat and make the contacts of terminals connect well, otherwise, the reliability of electrical contacts will be affected. If the solder connection is used, the soldering iron with no more than 60W should be selected and the solder time is within 5 seconds.
5. When the sudden jump temperature controller is selected, the temperature selection should be accurate. Due to the influence of various factors, such as thermal inertia, conduction, and so on, the temperature changes.

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