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Heat protection switch
The thermal protection switch, the temperature control instrument, is a thermostat with a double metal sheet as a temperature sensing component. When the appliance is operating normally, the bimetallic element is in free state, the contact point is in a closed / disconnected state: when the temperature reaches the operating temperature, the bimetallic strip is heated by internal stress and rapid action, open / close contact / connect circuits, so as to control the temperature effect: when cooled to electrical reset temperature, contact automatically closed / open, return to normal working condition.

Name: thermostat
Model: KSD301
Composition: the KSD 301 normally closed temperature controller mainly consists of a shell, a disc shaped double metal piece, a piece spring, a movable contact, a static contact and a ceramic rod.
Structure: the static contact is fixed with the shell of the thermostat through the fixed joint plate, and the dynamic contact is riveted on the leaf spring. The leaf spring is fixed by the rivet and the shell. When the thermostat fails to act, the moving contact is maintained under the action of the spring pressure and the contact state with the static contact. The ceramic rod is placed at the center hole of the guide frame, and can be moved back and forth along the center hole. The ceramic rod is in the concave cavity of the disc - shaped double metal sheet, and the disc - shaped double metal sheet is freely placed on the guide frame.

As a common thermosensitive element, double metal plates are widely used in modern production and life. The disc type bimetallic strip is used as a temperature sensing element for the jump type thermostat, whose function is to transform the external heat energy into the deformation energy, thus causing the change of the disc arch height. Dish shaped bimetallic strip is made up of two kinds of metal or alloy with different expansion coefficients, firmly bonded to the whole contact surface on the whole contact surface, and is made up of a composite functional material and a dish shaped thin wall structure made by stamping.
In the component alloy, the component alloy layer with larger expansion coefficient is called the active layer, and the component alloy layer with the smaller expansion coefficient is called the passive layer. Under the same temperature change conditions, the deformation of the active layer is greater than the elongation of the passive layer. When the outside temperature rises, the disc bimetallic sheet will bend to the passive layer -N. When the temperature is reduced, the disc shaped bimetallic sheet will bend to the side of the active layer because the deformation of the active layer decreases faster.
A butterfly shaped bimetallic piece belongs to the structure of spherical metal shell for the dual metal sheet structure, uniform torque uniform heating is equivalent to the role of the shell imposed on the boundary of an axisymmetric boundary, when the temperature or torque is increased to a critical value, the shell will appear nonlinear instability, high arch there will be a jump sharply, and jump.
The sudden jump temperature controller uses the sudden jump phenomenon of the dished double metal sheet to quickly cut off and close the function of the controlled circuit.


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