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Types and characteristics of bimetallic thermostat
  The bimetal thermostat varieties a lot, according to the movement and contacts can be divided into slow motion, flashing and the sudden jump of three. Because bimetal temperature controller is more accurate, excellent electrical function, manufacturing simple and cheap and useful, widely used in small appliances, motors, rectifier equipment and household appliances, its use is mainly used for temperature regulation, temperature control and overheating maintenance. The thermostat used in household appliances is mostly bimetallic thermostat, which is composed of two layers or several layers of metal sheets with different thermal expansion coefficients, which can directly convert the heat energy into mechanical energy and reach the connection and disconnection circuit.

1. Slow moving temperature controller
The advantages of the slow motion temperature controller are high sensitivity and reliable temperature control. The defect is that when the controlled electric appliance temperature is close to the on-off temperature of the thermostat, the pressure between the dynamic contacts is reduced, the touch resistance is increased, and the tension is switched off, and the arc is pulled out, and the contact is oxidized and ablated frequently. Because of the fatal defects of the slow motion thermostat, it is gradually replaced by the flashing thermostat. Slow moving thermostat is an early developed temperature control product. It can be divided into two types: temperature adjustable and temperature fixed. The types are KMT and KMD respectively. During the process, K is the temperature controller code, M shows slow motion, T shows that the temperature of the thermostat is variable, and D shows that the temperature of the thermostat is fixed. The operation principle is directly using the double metal sheet is heated or cooled after deformation, the contact and to connect and break the circuit and temperature control intention.

2. Flashing temperature controller
  The flashing temperature controller is a new type of temperature controller, which basically overcomes the defects of the slow moving temperature controller. The temperature can be divided two kinds of harmonic temperature constant flashing type thermostat, respectively is KST and KSD, which is a thermostat: K code, S showed that the flashing T show, using variable temperature thermostat, thermostat with temperature indicates that D is set to the value KST controller for the common structure shown in Figure 1 the KSD thermostat structure as shown in figure 2. The work principle is also using the thermal characteristics of the double metal sheet, heating or cooling after the displacement occurs, the mechanical energy to push the energy storage spring, which is characterized by double metal thermal displacement and the role of the improper contact, but in the storage reed heap slowly to the turning point when the sudden movements (less than 0. 2S) contact, quickly leave / arrive together, to connect and break the circuit and temperature control intention.
The flash temperature controller has the following characteristics:
A. Contacts are switched on and off quickly, usually without arcing;
B. Temperature control text temperature control precision;
C. The pressure between contacts is large, and the touch resistance is small;
D. Contact has long service life;
E. Disturbs radio and audio and video appliances very little.
  The displacement of heap process flashing thermostat, will form a certain sensitivity effect of lazy, so generally use double sheet metal bending rate is high, change its effective length; or high elastic special strip as a storage reed lever fulcrum method to adjust the storage reed to improve sensitivity.

3. Jump type temperature controller
  Jump type thermostat bimetal thermostat and a new thermostat used in industrial electrical appliances, motor, household appliances category, especially the use of more small appliances throughout the microwave oven, induction cooker, dishwasher, electronic disinfection cabinet, electric thermos bottle, drinking machine, machine, air conditioning fan, Soybean Milk food processing machine in recent years in the development of. The jump type temperature controller is divided into two types: open type and sealed type, in which the sealed thermostat is automatically reset and manual reset type.
   All kinds of sudden jump thermostat type KSD, temperature rating is fixed, can not conditioning. Operation principle of active reset type jump temperature controller is made of the double sheet metal disc components, heat attack displacement energy accumulation, once defeated anti contrariant jump, push rod to make the contact of agile arbitrate, initiative to disconnect the circuit; when cooling, bimetal jump restitution, the contact is closed, active switch on the circuit, so as to achieve the purpose of temperature control. Active reset sudden jump thermostat as a variety of electrical appliances overheating maintenance, generally with a one-time hot fuse (also known as overtemperature protector) series connection, sudden jump thermostat as a primary maintenance. When the electric heating element is over temperature or dry, the abrupt jump type temperature controller is active to break the circuit, and then the circuit is switched on automatically after the temperature is lowered. The thermal fuse is used as the two level maintenance active disconnection circuit when the sudden temperature controller fails or fails to cause the overtemperature of the electric heating element, so as to effectively avoid burning out the electric heating element and the fire accident caused by the electric heating element. The sudden jump manual reset thermostat adds a prototype spring piece and a manual reset tissue. When the bimetallic strip is heated up to a certain degree of deformation when the attack jump action, conical spring piece is bimetal propulsion and reverse beat, after putting off and take the initiative to contact the agile driving off the circuit; when the temperature decreases, the bimetal restitution, but because of the conical spring no active reset ability, and therefore can not rebound reset contact still moves, you must press the manual reset button, with external force to prototype spring reset, the contact was subsequently closed. Therefore, in recent years, the development of water dispenser products using jump active reset and manual reset thermostat series connection, the former used to control the temperature, the latter used for overheating maintenance. When the water heater is over temperature or dry, the manual reset thermostat acts to maintain and permanently disconnect the circuit. Only when the fault is cleaned, the reset button is connected to the circuit so that the water dispenser can resume its normal operation. In addition, the high grade electric heating bottle and electric water heater are also often used manual reset temperature controller, so that electric heating bottle and electric water heater have the function of switching on the power supply in the heat preservation condition to make the water re rejoice.
   The sudden jump temperature control has the following advantages:
1. temperature characteristics fixed, need not adjust, fixed value optional;
2. interference to radio and audio and video equipment.
3., the movement temperature precision is high, temperature control precision;
4. contact breaking, no arcing, long service life;
5. The contact is good for breaking and repeating, and the action is reliable;

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