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How to check whether the refrigerator defrost thermostat needs to be replaced
Refrigerator is one of the most commonly used home appliances in our daily life, but once it fails, it will be troublesome. Here we will learn from 3 to see if the refrigerator thermostat needs to be replaced. FSTB is dedicated to providing you with professional home appliance industry temperature control application solutions.

1. Turn the thermostat knob to the “Cold” block (or larger digits such as “6 to 7” block). When operating, it must be noted that it must be restarted after the compressor is stopped for 3 to 5 minutes. Otherwise, the start-up difficulties may occur due to excessive high and low pressure difference in the refrigeration system, or it may not start normally. In severe cases, the compressor may be damaged. If the thermostat is normal, the compressor should start and operate normally.
2. After the compressor has been running for 5-7 minutes, turn the thermostat knob back to the "weak cold" gear (or a smaller number, such as "1 to 2" gear). At this time, the compressor should stop working. You can hear a "click" in the starter relay.
3. After waiting for 5 minutes, turn the thermostat knob again to “strong cold, and the compressor should restart. This shows that the thermostat is working properly.

Normally, if the thermostat is identified by the above method, it can be excluded from other faults.
The phenomenon of refrigerator failure caused by thermostats is various. For example, if the sensitivity of the thermostat is too high, that is, the temperature difference between the start and stop of the thermostat is too small, it will cause the refrigerator compressor to start and stop frequently. The frequent opening and closing of the compressor will not only increase the power consumption of the refrigerator, but also affect the service life of the compressor. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows: The compressor is self-starting and is relied on the thermostat's temperature sensing tube changes along with the surface temperature of the evaporator (also freezer), and keeps the temperature inside the box at a certain level. Within the range of (± o. 5 ~ 1 ° C), so that the thermostat contacts will be closed or separated. If the thermostat's start/stop temperature difference exceeds /b (custom sensitivity is too high), it will cause the compressor's work or stop time to shorten respectively, that is, it will stop after a few minutes of operation, and it will start again after a few minutes of shutdown. In view of this situation, the thermostat can be properly adjusted to increase the temperature difference between the start and stop of the thermostat, that is, by rotating the balance adjustment screw of the thermostat counter-clockwise, this failure can be eliminated.
Under normal circumstances, the refrigerator should be open and shut down 3-4 times per hour, but it should also be based on specific circumstances. Summer temperatures are high, and the number of times the refrigerator may be on and off may increase. However, if the number of open/close operations per hour exceeds eight, this is an abnormal situation and the on/off operation is frequent. In winter, the temperature is low, and the number of on-off operations is reduced accordingly.

The principle is: Under the premise of guaranteeing the temperature stability of the box, the smaller the number of hours of open/close operation of the compressor, the better.

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