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Thermal Protector Testing Requires Attention
      In the exchange with customers, sometimes customers put forward: thermal protector can not be sensitive, thermal protector operating temperature is not accurate, the reset temperature is not allowed, our temperature measuring oven is very accurate, and so on. This all reflects our temperature switch in the temperature test, ignore the characteristics and laws of heat conduction. If we do not follow the law of heat conduction during the thermal examination, it will be false or wrong to get the test results.
      Heat conduction and electrical conduction are completely different. It takes a long time for heat conduction to reach thermal equilibrium. As well as the contact is tight, heat conduction medium and convection situation will directly affect the heat conduction process. One of the problems with the temperature control of a temperature-controlled switch is that the object to be detected is ambiguous and the temperature is not the same as the temperature. The following specific talk about how to use the general factory of existing equipment, the right temperature switch temperature detection.
1. Testing equipment
  Ovens, thermocouple thermometers, crepe tapes, on-off LED tooling
2. Test methods
a. Use crepe adhesive tape to tightly fix the thermal head of the thermocouple thermometer to the temperature sensing surface of the temperature switch. Must use the crepe tape to the thermocouple thermometer temperature head wrapped more than the number of layers to avoid the thermal head exposed to the external temperature environment, in order to make the thermometer's temperature head and thermostat inside the sensor's sensing The temperature is approximately the same.
b. Connect the two terminal feet of the temperature control switch to the LED fixture
c. Place a piece of paper liner on the oven tray and place the temperature switch on the paper block (to avoid the temperature switch and the temperature probe of the thermometer coming into direct contact with the oven metal bracket and inner wall). Turn off the oven and let the oven heat up.
d. Set the temperature of the oven every 3 to 5 ° C when the oven temperature reaches -20 ° C (when the temperature in the oven reaches the set temperature and then adjust the temperature of the oven Rise 3 to 5 ℃ because the majority of factory ovens can not control the temperature rise speed, to avoid the temperature goes straight up).
e. Until the temperature of the oven reaches the lower limit of the operating temperature of the temperature switch, at this temperature, let the oven temperature be more than 10 minutes. Observe whether the thermostat switch action. If the temperature control switch action, then NG; if the temperature control switch did not move to continue the following test.
f. Set the oven temperature to 1 to 2 ° C to see if the temperature switch is active. Until the temperature of the oven rises to the maximum temperature of the temperature control switch action temperature. At this temperature, let the oven temperature for more than 10 minutes, observe the thermostat is working. If the thermostat switch action, then OK; if the thermostat switch did not move, then NG.
g. temperature control switch reset temperature, avoid oven door open. Instead, turn off the power and allow the oven to cool down slowly and naturally. Observe the temperature control switch is reset.
h. The best test results above are only approximate qualitative. Thermocouple thermometer error is generally 31.5 ℃, taking into account the reasonable error in the testing process, so the error of the test results at 3-4 ℃ is reasonable. In addition, the oven thermometer head can only be used to monitor and set the temperature, can not be used for temperature readings.

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