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In 1982
we developed the first one thermostat of China.
In 1985
we began to introduced the Japan and Austria advanced technology and automated equipment. Draft the Chinese thermostat industry standard.
In 1994
we passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO10012 approve as the first enterprise in the industry of China.
In 1999
we built the R&D center.
In 2010
we developed into 13 branch companies.
Development process for more than forty years
With more than forty years of trials and hardships, Our company started in times of hardship. With China's economic reform, our company developed to be a large company from a small workshop-style without fearing difficulties.
The company's development process, mainly experienced the following stages.
A difficult start, face to the brink of despair
Foshan Mould Factory, Founded in 1966, was a small business workshops based on mold making and machining. By the country plan arranged in 1976, began to manufacture diesel pump nozzles for the agricultural diesel engine, and changed its name. The company got a loss for several years because of the country policy and face to bankruptcy.
The bold exploration
In 1982, coincided with the beginning of country opening up the reform, we developed the new product - flashing thermostat for the matching rice cooker, and began to gain some economic benefits, in the same year, the company changed its name. In 1985, we introduced the Japan's advanced production technology and key equipment at first time, manufactured the pressure thermostat for the air conditioners and refrigerators. We achieved stable economic benefits gradually. The company changed its name to Foshan Thermostat Factory in 1985
Reform and innovation, development steadily
March 13, 1993, at the time of the country's deepening economic reform, the Foshan Thermostat Factory set up to Foshan TongBao CO.,LTD, it was one of the earliest to reform corporation in the industry. In 1994, the company became joint-venture company. And then we focused on promoting marketing and product developing, promoting management and quality, amd creating cost-effective. We were the first to pass the ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO10012 certification. In 1999, We established the GuangDong Engineering research and development center.
Work hard together in a new chapter
In 2004, by the time of the state-owned enterprises withdraw from competitive fields, the company made equity and asset restructuring, all the state-owned shares and capital exit from the company. By adjusting the resources, product and human resource etc. to improve the profitability of the enterprises. In the same year, we entered the field of precision materials, acquired the Foshan Electrical Precision Alloy Co., Ltd.. In 2010, after the experience of the world financial crisis, the company established Foshan TongBao HuaTong Controls Co., Ltd. and Foshan HuaSheng Electric Controls Co., Ltd., and injected the Foshan HuaXing Controls Co., Ltd. Thus became a large holding shares company with more than ten investment companies.
Scientific development, planning for the future
With more than forty years of hard experiences, we successfully achieved to be ‘Chinese Thermostat Kingdom’ finally. In the future, we will remain based on the appliance controllers field and development of high-precision material field, and stick to the way to be more professional and large scale, focus on people-oriented, science, scientific and the sustainable and stable development.
According to the planning of the next five years, we will build the more than 200 acres of new production base in Foshan Sanshui, it will make the controller and high-precision materials’ capacity , sales and profits doubled at the end of 2015. Exports from Southeast Asia to Europe, North and South America, as well as the African continent, exports account for 40% of sales revenue. Develop from China famous band to worldwide famous band.
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