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Professional Heater Thermostat Supplier
As a professional heater thermostat supplier, FSTB always pay much attention to the feedback of heater customers, and care about their questions.

The feature of the electric heater appliances
* Power on for a long time
* Keep the internal using condition of 50℃-100℃
* Some customers design will choose high current for fast heating

Challenge to the bimetal switch
* For the bimetal switch installed in the heater, If the connection of the bimetal switch loosen, it will generate much more fever than the fix connection, easily cause burning
* With resin case of bimetal switch, easily present the expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold under the condition of the big current, it’ll lead to loose between the terminal and the rivet, it’ll easily burn.

With our experiences support to brands of electric heaters, we can perfectly solve the burning problems, with our special material and process. Recommend products: KSD301, KSD302, KSD306-B
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