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TCO design for the steam iron of the worldwide brand in domestic appliances(Bimetal thermostat, Bimetal disc)
"Thank you very much for your arrangement and time, especially for your profession and strong team."

 Allen, Steam iron project manager, works in the world leader in domestic appliances. The brand meets a wide range of domestic requirements, heating, cooling, cooking meals and steaming suits. FSTB support them in different types of appliances for a long history.

Challenge The bimetal thermostat and bimetal disc are supplied to the customer’s OEM factory in China, for assembling to a steam iron semi-finished products, and then the semi products are supplied to Europe factory for assembling to a final product. There’s not enough experiences of TCO testing, there’s risk for the acceptance checking. Solution The bimetal thermostat and bimetal disc are supplied by FSTB, and FSTB provided TCO testing the items and measures, unify the testing and acceptance solutions among the 3 factories, reduced the quality control risk effectively, made customer’s SCM more smooth.

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