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We service many world-class brand manufacturers with our excellent quality all the time, faced with the worldwide economic crisis, 
many customers have been chosen our temperature control solutions in exploring more cost-effective process
Our customization capabilities, production capacity, rapid product design and development capabilities can support our customers well.
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Series Diameter of bimetal disc Max. operating  Temp. Max. rated current  Switch structure Application download
KSD301 Φ12.8mm(1/2") 220°C 16A SPST Temperature control and overheating protection for low-duty electric heating applications.
KSD301-U Φ12.8mm(1/2") 260°C 16A SPST Bimetal fuse. Single operation thermostat. Protect the appliance for overheat.
KSD301-M Φ12.8mm(1/2") 145°C 10A SPST Waterproof thermostat, suitable for temperature control and overheat protection in the small power appliances
KSD302 Φ22.3mm(7/8") 125°C 25A SPST Temperature control and overheating protection for high-duty electric heating applications.
KSD303 Φ12.8mm(1/2") 50°C 10A SPST Defrosting and temperature compensation for refrigerator.
KSD305 Φ22.25mm(7/8")
KSD306 Φ22.25mm(7/8") 120°C 30A DPST Temperature control and overheating protection for electric heating applications such as water heater.
KSD306-B Φ22.3mm(7/8") 145°C 16A DPST Temperature control and overheating protection for electric heating applications such as water heater.
KSD307-T Φ12.8mm(1/2") 145°C 16A SPST Voltage maintained thermal cut-out, suitable for overheat protection for the appliance such as electric heater.
KSD308 Φ19mm(3/4") 100°C 16A DPST Temperature control and overheating protection for electric heating applications such as water heater.
KSD309 Φ12.8mm(1/2") 280°C 16A SPST Temperature control and overheating protection for high temperature heating applications.
KSD312 Φ30mm(1.18") 150°C —— —— The high temperature limiter for rice cooker.
DP Appearance can be customized 270°C —— —— Single bimetal disc/strip, control temperature or overheat protection for HVAC appliance or low-voltage appliance 
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