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KSD201 auto reset type and power cutoff type
KSD201 auto reset type and power cutoff type

Working Principle:
KSD201 is the temperature sensing component made of bimetal disc, when the temperature reach to the operating temperature, the snap action will fast push away the plate with contact. KSD201 has 2 types, the power cutoff type and auto reset type. 

Power cutoff type:
When the temperature rise to the operating temperature, the contact is pushed and break off, the current become circuit by PTC component, and the temperature is kept higher than the setting reset temperature, and the circuit keep the condition of break off. And the temperature will drop down to the setting reset temperature when the power is cut off, the bimetal disc will fast recover and connect the contact.

Auto reset type:
When the temperature rise to the operating temperature, the contact will be pushed, and break off the circuit, the temperature drop down gradually without power heating, the thermostat will reset when the temperature down to setting reset temperature, the contact will connect again. 

The thermostat is an open construction that needs to be used in a dry environment.
The series of products with small size, large contact capacity, action sensitive, safe and reliable, long life and other characteristics.

Range of application: This product is suitable for electric heater, fan heater, PTC heater and other electrical products.

Technical specifications:

Category KSD201-Standard type KSD201-With PTC type
Function Automatic SPST
Switch type Normal close Normal close
Rated current:50HZ/60HZ
Power factor
16A/2.5A(250V) 16A/2.5A(250V)
Life cycles 10000
Temperature range
 (each level 5K)
Tolerance ±5K ±5K
The temperature range of the reset -/30K±15K -/<20℃
Contact resistance ≤50mΩ
Certification CQC/CUL/TUV
*The terminal form can be in accordance with customer requirements.

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